Captain's Log
13 October 2006


The Youth Crew of Young Endeavour have battled their way through one of the roughest bodies of water in the world and come out on top! As we near the top end of Bass Straite, we can almost smell the wood chips and earthy smells of the bush surrounding the beautiful fishing village of Eden on the NSW, Victorian border.Today was a very busy day. Starting with morning brief, the day followed onto a deep clean of the ship that was ‘deck day’! It even rhymes with Hooray!!! Then lunch, a sail theory brief on the how’s and why’s of sailing a tall ship, rotational tacks where every one get to experience the tacking stations of the other 2 watches and after all that, 3 way talks!!! Quite a lot to get through!The weather has abated and is now 12-15kts from the West, the seas are still confused but aren’t as angry so the ride is a lot more comfortable and every one is looking forward to the rest expected in EdenBelow are comments from some of the Youth Crew:GeoffAhoy to everyone on the mainland! What an awesome adventure we have had so far! There has been no shortage of highlights and photo opportunities as we made our way along the rugged coast from chilly Hobart. At the moment there are about a million dolphins all around the boat and we’ve had the odd whale sighting.We have been learning heaps about sailing as well as ourselves as we are being stretched out of our comfort zones. Most of the youth crew made made it to the top of the mast. This was very challenging in rough seas, but better than any thrill at dreamworld and what an awesome view we had off the end of the world! The staff crew are doing an awesome job looking after us and Chad’s cooking is the bomb. Hi to Mum & Dad, James, Kylie, Pete and Sandeep. Keep it real! GeoffLucyAhoy me hearties!! Well its been a fantastic few days so far! Killer whales, sharks, dolphins, and awesome views of the Southern Ocean and Bass Strait. About to climb to the top to watch a beautiful sunset! The crew have been keeping us busy and learning heaps about sailing, knots, navigation etc. Looking forward to en exciting stop over in Eden to see if we can still balance on land. Hi to everyone! See you soon in sunny Sydney. :). LucyUntil tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANVoyage Captain 


37°48's / 150°18'e


12-15kts from the West, the seas are still confused.