Captain's Log
10 January 2009

Back to Broome

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 4 of the Voyage. Since my last Captains Log things have changed considerably. Yesterday Youth Crew member Kestrel Kentish suffered a severe asthma attack which caused the Staff Medical Care Providers and myself great concern, as this was her second attack in under 24 hours. After consultation with the Fleet Medical Officer I made the decision to Medivac Kestrel to the nearest Medical Centre which at this point was Broome, located 80nm away. So at 1930 last night after briefing the Youth Crew fully of situation we closed up at tacking stations, wore ship, then shaped a new course for Broome with the intention of being at anchor by 1030 the following morning. The conditions remained favourable throughout the night and with the assistance of a freshening 20kt south easterly we made good speed up the coast. At 0930 Young Endeavour entered Roebuck Bay finally coming to anchor just of Cable Beach at 1040. With the Ship now safely at anchor the Ships Boat was launched and Kestrel and her Navy escort LCDR Karen Van Geelen were taken ashore were arrangements had been made to have her examined at the Broome Hospital. Prior to there departure it was agreed that Karen would stay with Kestrel and ensure that once she had been given medical clearance she would be escorted safely back to her family in Victoria. As this is the fourth day of the voyage (which is normally our first anchorage) I decided to remain at anchor overnight at Cable Beach so that we could give the Youth Crew some respite from the hard sailing that they had endured over the previous 48 hours. This afternoon following lunch we conducted a quick set of cleaning stations then a number of Youth Crew proceeded aloft to put sea furls on the square sails and the mainsail. Once these activities were complete we set up the rope swing then enjoyed a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of Cable Beach. Once everyone was safely out of the water we gave them some well earned quality ���down time’ to finish the afternoon. This evening with the picturesque Cable Beach as our backdrop we enjoyed a ���teak deck’ BBQ (cooked by yours truly) followed by an entertaining round of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). On completion of this activity Adam the Navigator gave a short presentation on anchor watches before everyone turned in for a well deserved good nights rest.Tomorrow we will weigh anchor by 0730 and recommence our journey south.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours Aye Captain Gav.PS. From all of us onboard Young Endeavour we wish Kestrel a quick recovery. Our thoughts and best wishes go with you.


17° 56' South / 122° 12' East


Currently at anchor at Cable Beach and experiencing moderate SW winds with a 1m swell