Captain's Log
18 September 2009


Hi Everyone,The Crew of Young Endeavour awoke early this morning to another warm and humid Kimberly Coast morning. Following an Early Morning Activity (EMA) at 0630 the anchor was weighed and we departed Koolama Bay under main engines. The reason for the early start was that we wanted to make Bigge Island by 1200 tomorrow which involves a passage of 160nm. As we have come to expect throughout this voyage there is very little wind before 1300 when the afternoon sea breeze comes in. This means the use of engines more than what I would normally like but to give the Youth Crew the full Kimberly Coast experience it is well worth the extra fuel and engine hours that we are using. During that afternoon we experienced the normal sea breeze and taking full advantage of these conditions we conducted rotational tacks (rotating through each others tacking stations) and Captains Sail theory before settling back into our watches for the night.We are currently located 12nm to the north of the Eclipse Islands making good speed towards Bigge IslandUntil Tomorrow, Take CareYours AyeCaptain Gav       


13°40's / 126°11'e


Currently experincing light to moderate NW winds with a 1m swell.