Captain's Log
30 October 2009


Hi everyone,With the last of the climbers down from the foremast we discussed sailing from anchor. We enjoyed smooth seas and light winds as the Ship exited King George Sound near Albany. A hard morning working the sails as we tacked out to sea intgo a low south westerly swell and slight sea. All the Youth Crew well and truely have their sea legs – no one sea sick today!First thing after lunch I conducted an evaluation of each of the Watches to ascertain they could operate safely and effectively on deck with out direct supervision – they all got through. To break from all the deck work we had a rope race session – the zooper dooper boat race was a laugh! The Watches then went into a session designed to bring out the positive attributes individuals have as judged by others as well as exploring things someone might be able to improve on. Always a tough one!This evening we are a painted ship on a painted sea as we ghost along the coast towards Bremer Bay, which is now about 65 nm away. Tonight the Watches will do a ‘Bearex’ … no, it has nothing to with big animals or Pandas! I’ll explain tomorrow. Until then, fair winds and follow seas …Dave J (Yak)Voyage Captain 


34°54's / 118°34'e


Sea 1 metre from the south and a low long south westerly swell. Wind is from the south south east at 8 knots. Barometer 1020 Hpa and steady - in anice big high at the moment.