Captain's Log
12 March 2009


Hi Everyone,Following a good nights sleep the Youth Crew were awake and on deck for the normal Early Morning Activity at 0630. Though the morning was quite cool it was unanimously agreed by all that we would start the day with a ‘wake-up’ swim. The pleasing thing about this decision was all of the Youth Crew participated, even though the water temperature was a very fresh 16 degrees. Once out of the water everyone enjoyed a light breakfast then completed the normal morning domestic duties prior to participating in an entertaining set of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). To finish the morning activities we enjoyed a ‘teak deck brunch’ prior to ferrying everyone ashore to the beach at Norman Bay were they enjoyed a leg stretch, game of touch football and another swim. By 1430 everyone was back on board and following an early ‘teak deck BBQ’ dinner all preparations were made to weigh anchor so that we could depart Norman Bay and take full advantage of the forecasted south westerly change. As if scripted, this change occurred at 1600 just after Young Endeavour had departed her anchorage, so sail was set before long we were sitting on a comfortable 7kts. By 1800 we had rounded South East Point (southern point of Wilson’s Promontory) and with all squares set had shaped a new course to the north east.The time is now 2030 and the Youth Crew have settled into their watches for the night. The conditions are definitely working in our favour and it is expected that we will continue to make good speed throughout the night.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


39°0's / 146°46'e


Currently located 18nm to the NE of Wilson's Promontory running down wind under all 3 squares and experiencing 20-25kt SW winds with a 2m following sea.