Captain's Log
25 May 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,The YE Crew awoke early this morning to a cool but fine Bustard Bay morning. Once morning brief and “happy hour” (cleaning stations) were complete I briefed the YC on how to sail away from anchor. At 1030 and In brilliant conditions YE successfully completed this evolution, and in doing so, provided the residents of 1770, (who by now had taken up every good vantage point on the Round Hill Headland) with one last view of the Ship under full sail as we departed Bustard Bay. Early afternoon saw us conduct the next set of rope races, which again was a hotly contested event between all three watches. On completion I took the opportunity to spend time with each of the watches and discuss sail theory and in particular, the intricacies of sailing YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. After a short break the Navigator mustered all YC back on deck and presented an interesting and interactive lesson in navigation. As the sun slowly set on another perfect day at sea, White Watch proceeded aloft to witness a spectacular sunset from the topgallant yard (highest yard). Once they had layed below it was time for dinner, a watch change and finally tacking stations so that we could wear ship (put stern through the wind) prior to settling in to the night watch routine.Overnight the YC will continue to consolidate their newly found sailing and navigation skills as the ship continues to make ground towards the Kepple Islands.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


23°39's / 151°37'e


Currently sailing on a broad port reach under full plain sail (less forestaysail) and experiencing light south easterly winds with a 1m SE swell.