Captain's Log
8 February 2012

Away to Sea we must go, All I ask is for a tall ship and a star to sail her by

Ahoy there, Well what a cracker of a day we have had today. Queensland has turned on some amazing weather and it has been the perfect day to be at sea on a tall ship sailing through the islands off Mackay. Sailmaster Tim awoke the Youth Crew at 0630 for an early morning start and judging my the sleepy eyes I don’t think many of the Youth Crew are used to waking up at that hour. After Tim finished a fun little game to help everyone get to know each other a bit more they headed down below for breakfast and a quick breakfast. After breakfast we conducted a very snappy morning brief and then sent everyone below for a bit of ‘Happy Hour’ (a clean ship is a happy ship). Once the ship was up to Tim’s high standards we made our preparations to finally depart the marina and head out to sea. It gave me a great deal of pride to cast off the berthing hawsers at 0900 and head out to sea with a Youth Crew of 27 willing and able sailors to be. The morning was spent doing sail handling drills which all the watches seem to be picking up rather fast. The crew were sent below for lunch and were amazed to see that Chad can turn out amazing meals at sea as well as alongside, how one man can do so much is beyond me. After lunch Tim gave a quick lecture on how to set the main which the Youth Crew promptly did. With a SSE wind at 15kts and all fore and aft sails set, we proceeded to the west for the afternoon watch at a steady 5kts. Once the sail setting and furling drills were completed the crew closed up to tacking stations to prove to me that they know how to tack the ship should it be required in the middle of the night. So that completed the whole ship training for the day and we closed up the first watch on the bridge for the first dog watch. The other two watches went below for a well earned cup of tea and eventually dinner. White watch decided to go for a spectacular sunset climb and were rewarded by a fantastic view of the sun melting into the ocean. Its moments like this that we go to sea for, and this Youth Crew has been blessed with a magical first night. I plan to continue to make my way to the South East over night heading to the very special Middle Percy Island, for a fun filled day ashore tomorrow. The weather Gods have blessed us with some fantastic weather for the next couple of days and I plan to maximise the opportunity for a good balance between sailing and island hopping my way down the coast. Until next time, ‘fare ye well and adiue to you, fair Spanish Ladies’ CAPT Matt Do you know what is out there? There are reefs and rocks, sand spits and shoals, rain and hail and enough darkness to hide it all. So why do we go? Because it builds character, the kind of character that you only find on mountain tops, across deserts, on battle fields and at sea. Character that we all need a little bit more off. CAPT of the Albatross to his crew


21° 14' South / 149° 42' East


Wind SE at 15Kts Backing to the East at 12KtsSwell: Very small to nilTemp 17