Captain's Log
27 January 2007

Australia Day

Ahoy Me Hearties, Sorry about not posting a log entry last night, but we had a bit on with our involvement in the Australia Day celebrations. To tell what a great event it was, here are P.J., Rhi, and Kim:Hey mum and Tim how are you guys going? Yesterday was Australia Day and it was so awesome. We were in the Tall Ships Parade and sailed around the harbour for a while. I was up on the highest sail we have so that was pretty cool. Then we went in the Tall Ships Race, we came third. The race was rigged. We did a couple of loops to ensure that we didn’t win, that side of it wasn’t cool, but it was still fun. Then later that night we went into Darling Harbour and did a few laps while we sang the national anthem. The camera for the big screen that was there zoomed in on my watch (group of people not the thing on my wrist) so I was all happy!!! YAY!! Then I heard someone calling out my name, it turned out to be dad. He came over and we were allowed to talk for a bit because he had come down from North Queensland. Then we went to Bed. Today we got to sleep in until 9am and then we had a sports day. YAY!! Then we came back to the boat and we just played some card games. Today was our last day on the boat so I must now go pack so catcha round love ya XOX!!!——- PJHi mummy and Co! Hope everything is good! I miss Saffy so much, can’t wait to see her. As PJ said up there ^^^^^^ we had the Australia Day celebrations yesterday. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I was up on the topgallant (hehehe, SAILERS LINGO! GO ME!) for you simple folk, that’s the highest yard on the mast. We were basically level with the fireworks and almost got hit by the jet! Haha, just kidding. I have to admit that I got a little watery eyed during the whole thing. The amount of people there was incredible; it felt weird having all those eyes on us. It is certainly something that will stay with me for a lifetime. Today was the most relaxed day that we have had on here and I have to admit, it was nice, no sailing! Home time tomorrow, I am looking forward to catching up on some sleep (well deserved I must say). It has been a great experience and I would recommend anyone to give it a go. Will see you soon! Love you lots! Your perfect daughter/friend, Rhi! Hey Mum, Dad and Nathan! How is the Ipswich life back home? Well��_ what can I say that hasn’t already been said by PJ and Rhi. I love it here on the ship. I have had the best time, and have made a lot of new friends. Yesterday we had a few visitors to our ship and we got to show them around, it made me feel so important. I have learnt so much in this ship, I never thought that I would be able to climb to the topgallant, but I made it and DIDN’T FALL OFF! Yay. I am excited about going home, but I want to stay at the same time. Can’t wait to have a shower longer than 90 seconds and sleep in a room by myself without having to wake up at all hours to look after the ship. Well I got to go and annoy someone else now, so take care, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Good afternoon, good evening and good night, this was Kim coming to you from the Young Endeavour voyage in Sydney 2007


33° 52' South / 151° 16' East


Wind: Southerly 20-25 knots, weather overcast, cool.