Captain's Log
8 November 2005

Athol Bay Sydney Harbour

23 young Australians joined the ship in Sydney for their amazing adventure under sail. Family and friends were on the wharf to bid farewell to their loved ones as they embarked on their adventure. After departing the wharf at Garden Island and anchoring at Anthol Bay just off Taronga Zoo, our new team started to get to know other, the staff and the ship. First thing I would like to introdue the staff team for this voyage:Dion: CO (Captain)Jordo: XO (Executive Officer)Hibbo: NavigatorGeorgie: Watch OfficerBec: ChefEddie: EngineerJock: White Watch LeaderSpeedie: Blue Watch LeaderBrodie: Red Watch LeaderAfter conducting an initial climb to the lower platform as an entire youth crew (YC) it was time to break into watches and to climb all the way to the top of the mast overnight. Two out of the three watches achieved this, however the morning watch opted against doing so due to a lightning storm. Knots were tied, more team building was conducted and overall, spirits were high.After completing the 1st four hours, the YC seem motivated, enthusiastic, and ready to take on the challenges put before them.Poor weather and rough seas are likely to be a feature.Nautical term of the day: Fender- item used to protect the ship’s side from damage when coming alongside a wharf or another vessal. Yours Aye Dion Curtis Lieutenant, RANCaptain STS Young Endeavour


33° 50' South / 151° 14' East


Today has started with inclement weather and there is little joy gained from looking at the forecast. The wind is from the NNE at around 15 knots and is predicted to strengthen. Drizzle ensures even simple evolutions are trying and our team will certainly be put to the test very shortly when we sail out of the heads of Sydney Harbour.