Captain's Log
14 July 2006

At sea off Hinchenbrook Island

After a failed rain dance to make the rain go away, it was all ashore to Zoe Bay on the southern end of Hinchenbrook Island yesterday afternoon. After a short walk to the waterfall there, we were all rewarded with a view of a tropical waterfall in full flood. It was good to see that all the rain we’d suffered was at least doing something for us in providing a spectacular view. Due to it being to wet and windy, the planned upperdeck BBQ was cancelled in favour of eating indoors. After the more relaxed routine of anchor watches last night, everyone awoke this morning bright eyed and ready to tackle the wind, rain and waves…But, the wind had died down, the rain was still in sight (but we were dry) and the waves had moderated. After some more briefs on sails and sail theory, we weighed anchor just after lunch and conducted the tricky task of sailing away from anchor (with out using the engines). On reaching two miles off land, all watches swapped watch leaders to learn the roles of other watches in rotational tacks. This done, the topsail was clewed, we hardened up on the wind and started making ground south.Below are comments from some of the Youth Crew onboardJakeYoung Endeavour has provided opportunities to expand my horizons and achieve things I never thought I would such as spending an extended period of time at sea and learning how to control a tall ship. As well as the experience of being at sea, I have been very grateful for the land we have seen such as Hinchenbrook Island where we swam below a magnificant waterfall. I have really enjoyed learning more about what I have learned at uni in navigation with Suz and Gav’s ‘salty seadog’ segments. AdrianThere has been plenty of good food cooked up by Speedy the chef which is great for the people with appetites and no one goes hungry. Climbing aloft has been challenging but fun and a main highlight for me.NestorThe last couple of days has been unreal we’ve had so much fun on the ship with all the activities we had to do. We learnt about ourselves and more importantly we learnt about working as a team. Young endeavour provides a challange for all ages. It allows you to be pushed to your limits and beyond. It has given me opportunities that you wont experience any where else. For example. Climbing out on the mast and pulling in a sail in windy and raining conditions whilst the ship is rocking through the rough seas. The crew is awesome and so is the food it made the trip unforgetable. Mark so far the trip has been great and its only goin to get better Hibbo is cool.Until tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


18° 15' South / 146° 28' East


Wind ESE'ly 10-15 kts, mostly cloudy sky, with patchy drizzle.