Captain's Log
4 June 2002

At sea off Gosford

Last night our intrepid YC kept their first night watch, climbing to the top of the foremast and generally learning about the ship.Early this morning Nath, the XO, roused us gently from our cold beds to join him in the warm sunshine for some morning exercise, and a swim perhaps ? – no way.Throughout the day the YC had the workings of the lines and sails explained to them and by early afternoon as we departed Sydney Harbour, they were practicing setting and furling the sails. (and yes we saw you waving from North Head).The YC are all well as we make ground north. We are really tired from so much action and learning. The sea is calm, however, andtherefore there’s minimal seasickness and all the food is being eaten. Polly, the chef, is so excited by this, he’s bouncing for joyin the galley.The wind is coming from the direction in which we need to go but we’ll get there and plan on spending the next two nights at sea as wejourney up the NSW coast.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


33° 22' South / 151° 49'


Wind northerly at 5 knots, temp 14C.