Captain's Log
V06/21 Brisbane to Gladstone
22 June 2021

At Sea Enroute Hervey Bay

Ahoy there sailors!! For these past 24 hours we have been heading north towards Hervey Bay under sails. Last night Red and White watch mustered to set the Main Sail, Mainstaysail, Topgallant Staysail, Jib, Forestaysail, Topgallant, Topsail and the Course at 2345 – Guess we are real sailors now! Even though most of us have been feeling sea sick from the rocking caused by the square sails, the entire crew has taken it in their stride – spewing is but a minor inconvenience for Young Endeavour Sailors. This morning we furled the Jib, Forestaysail, Topgallant Staysail and the Mainsail and continued under squares until this evening. Jemma and Emma taught us how to fix a position and extrapolate to our course, we haven’t gotten lost as of yet (touch wood/fingers crossed/*throw rice over our left shoulder*/…). Jemma even taught a keen navigator how to use a sextant to measure the altitude of a star (Thanks Jemma!).
Salty “The Crab That Lives Under the Ship”, paid us a visit to deliver some more nautical nonsense; we learned the origins of “to turn a blind eye”. A harrowing tale of an intrepid one eyed captain, if you want to learn his story you will have to come aboard!
At Ropies White Watch, as usual, DOMINATED!!!!! (One of us may be in White Watch) Unfortunately Red Watch was once again annihilated by the superior watch (The other one of us may be in Red Watch). Benny is the Man! He tricked Bobby, Dan and Phoebe – our awesome watch leaders – into almost eating a can of anchovies. This afternoon has been smooth sailing, say for the 1.5-2m swell and 20 knot gusts but we would not have it any other way! Fortunately the wet weather gear keeps us nice and warm. Tonight we continue towards Hervey Bay under the Mainsail, Main Staysail, Forestaysail, Topgallant and Topsail where we hope to anchor tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks again to Captain Mike and our awesome crew, Adam, the MAAN Benny, Bobby, Dan, Emma, Jemma, Phoebe and the epic Rio, this team make every minute a truly fantastic experience. That’s all for now – Sarah and Carl/Mark

Thanks Youthies and good evening Shipmates ashore,
Another productive day with the youth crew getting a Navigation Theory brief from Navigator Emma and plenty of Watch on Deck experience on the helm, conducting engineering rounds and acting as lookouts. We expect to enter Hervey Bay tomorrow during the forenoon watch to do some practical tacking training. Until tomorrow evening, by which time we will be at anchor. Yours aye, Captain Mike


24 53.7' S / 153 33.5' E


Wind: SE at 16 Kn, Sea: from SE at 0.5 m, Swell: from ESE at 2.0 m Weather: partly cloudy with passing showers Temp: 16 deg C