Captain's Log
23 May 2010

At Sea

Hi Everyone, The wet conditions experienced since commencing the voyage continued until late this morning when we finally started to get some glimpses of sunshine. During the morning we continued with some more setting and furling drills then following an early lunch weighed anchor and departed Rose Bay. Following a request from the Youth Crew I decided to sail down the harbour and under the Harbour Bridge (always a great thing to do) prior to departing Sydney Harbour. With this request complete we again headed back down the harbour and by 1330 had rounded South Head and entered open water. At this time the Ship was brought under fore and aft sail and preparations made for our first set of tacking drills (pass the bow of the ship through the wind). In relatively light conditions these drills were successfully completed by 1600 with all of the Youth Crew proving that they now have a good understanding of the procedures required to safely conduct this evolution. On completion of this activity we altered course to the north and have now commenced our passage up the NSW coast. Overnight whilst we continue our passage north the Youth Crew will settle into their watches and commence learning some new mariner skills.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


33° 44' South / 151° 25' East


Currently located 8nm to the east of Longreef and experiencing light SE winds with a 1m swell