Captain's Log
18 July 2010

At Anchor Whitehaven Beach

Hi Everyone, The anchor was weighed at 0745 this morning and YOUNG ENDEAVOUR departed her anchorage at Nara inlet. Once clear of the Inlet we altered course to the south east then proceeded to transit through the very scenic Hooks Passage around to the Whitehaven Beach. During this passage the Youth Crew spent time with their Watch Leaders fine tuning their sail skills in preparation for Captains Setting and Furling Drills, which was to follow. By 1345 all of these drills were successfully completed then we proceeded to our planned anchorage at famous Whitehaven Beach. Once at anchor the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they enjoyed some extremely competitive games of touch football followed by a refreshing swim and a paddle on the Ships Surf Ski’s. This evening following dinner (Roast Lamb, Beef & Pork followed by Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding and Ice Cream for desert), I presented my Command Day brief which was immediately followed by the Youth Crew Command team elections. These elections are now complete and the Youth Crew have settled into their anchor watches for the night. Even though it is now only 2100 the Ship is very quite so I can only assume that everyone is trying to get a good nights rest in preparation for what should be a challenging Command Day.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


20° 17' South / 149° 3' East


Currently at anchor at Whitehaven Beach and enjoying light 5-8kt SE winds with nil swell.