Captain's Log
9 February 2000

At anchor Whangaparoa Peninsul

Command Day went very well yesterday as the youth crew initially battled very strong gale force winds. During the afternoon winds eased somewhat (20kts) making life a bit more pleasant. In typical Young Endeavour fashion, our destination was to the SW and that is where the predominant winds were coming from. This meant that throughout the day and night the ship was required to tack every few hours. The first tack attempted didn’t work but the command teamquickly figured out their error and all subsequent tacks were successful.A very tired youth crew (and staff crew) anchored the ship in the correct position at 0904 (only 4 mins late) and the beach assault team (BAT) were sent ashore. Once on the beach, the AustralianNational Flag was proudly displayed and the national anthem was then sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island, the TV show. Once the BATreturned, the youth crew Captain formally handed the ship back to me. Youth Crew 03/00 should be proud of their achievements. The crew then layaloft and harbour furled the square sails. This afternoon the crew have proceeded ashore for a sports afternoon on the beach. Later in the evening we will hold the end of voyage concert.


36° 40' South / 174° 47'


Wind 090/5kts, Temp 23, overcast