Captain's Log
15 August 2007


Ahoy Me Hearties,’T has been a rum show, this command day, aarrgghhh….To tel you all about it here are Captains Katherine and Kerri:At midday yesterday, we set sail from our anchor point in Mooloolaba under the command of captain Nick, XO Liam and the navigators Jack and Luke. We were given a task list which allowed us to gain points. At the end of the boys 12 hours they had earnded us a grand total of negative 100 points and were 3 hours behind our schedule. After missing all check points and an accidently tacking half way through the night command was handed over to us.We began with a perfect tack, which lined us up with the compulsory check point, however due to a concentration lapse at the helm all was ruined. We too made an accidental tack resulting in all crew being called to their tacking stations on deck. Not long afterwards a change in wind direction caused us to wear ship and yet again miss our check point. So by this stage we had managed to bring our negative 100 points down to negative 300 points.However due to some fantastic sea dog stories from Paris, Gail and Jess; an appearance from Nanna Liam; navigational funnu men Jack and Luke; and a report from our female XO, Rocky; as well as Katherine’s brillant knot tying capabilities; the crews whale and dolphin spotting; a tream effort which required 21 youth crew to climb aloft in the rain for a photo; a fantastic Italian themed dinner from our 4 chefs (Tom, Mark, Ash and Will); our singing and dancing preformance; and the success of our Beach Assult Team (Alex, Rocky, Mark, Adam, Luke, Sher) in claiming Tangolooma Beach for the youth of Australia and recruiting 67 randoms to sing Advance Australia Fair, we regained enough points to allow us to hope for a final score that reaches a positive point score.Special hello from Nev and Loz to their friends and families. We must be off now as Tangolooma Beach and a game of touch footy calls. Thank you and we’ll see all friends and family soon.Captain Katherine and Captain Kerri (aka Captain Katherri) 


27°10's / 153°22'e


Calm and Cool; overcast