Captain's Log
29 February 2000

At Anchor Sydney Harbour

This is Cap’n Bob back for a guest appearance so Andrew can have a well earned break after his voyages to the land of the long white cloud.Great start to Voyage 5 of 2000, bound for Geelong. Every one made it to the topgallant yard last night and Captain Safety checked us out this morning and reckons we are ready to put to sea. Now sail training has begun in earnest, so by this afternoon we should be ready to set some canvas and start heading south. Not much wind but expecting a nice sea breeze this afternoon. Tummies are full and it’s all smiles for now. Lots of miles and adventure ahead.


33° 51' South / 151° 14'


Wind NE 5kts, Temp 28. Overcast skies but very warm.