Captain's Log
11 December 2009

At Anchor Port Lincoln

Hi Everyone, At 0800 this morning we located 8nm to the west of West Point which is located on the southern point of the Eyre Peninsula. Following morning brief we rounded Cape Catastrophe and transited through the Thorny Passage then completed our final passage into Boston Bay were we came safely to anchor just to the north of the Port Lincoln Jetty at 1315. Once at anchor the RHIB (ships boat) was launched and we ferried a very enthusiastic Youth Crew ashore were they enjoyed their first steps on terra firma in 6 days. Whilst ashore they enjoyed a good leg stretch, a swim in the cool Boston Bay waters and of course a good fast food fix (sorry Chef Chad). This evening with everyone back onboard we enjoyed our first ���teak deck’ BBQ of the voyage (cooked by yours truly) which will be followed by the outdoor cinema screening of the classic movie ���Around Cape Horn’. To complete the evenings activities the Navigator will give a short presentation on the responsibilities of anchor watches before we all turn in for a well deserved good nights sleep at anchor.Please find below Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav Captains Log ��� 12 Nov 09Helloooooo Australia!Over the last six days or so I have been pushed and prodded into doing things I never thought I’d do in my life and I couldn’t be happier about that. This trip has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’m thrilled to have been a part of. Despite the waking up at times of night I never thought existed and only being able to bathe for 90 seconds a day, the youth crew and the staffies are a great bunch of people and this experience has given me things I will walk off the boat with and use for the rest of my life. I’m still keen to get home, no doubt about that, but for now I’m having a huge amount of fun. Love you family + boyfriend, from Bec Best thing you’ll ever do! Sun, Sails and Fun! What more could you want?? ��� Jo ThompsonThe most amazing experience on the open sea! Not to mention the fantastic mentoring that the Young Endeavour staff have given us. Get amongst it! ��� JimmyHey guys, if your reading this and considering doing the young endeavour I 100% recommend it! Its no leisure cruise and there will be hard times, but it is a once in a life time opportunity and a fantastic adventure. I have managed in 6 days to put myself out of my comfort zone countless times, achieve things I would have never have thought possible and above all made some fantastic people. The lessons you learn on this program are completely unique and help you grown in fantastic ways. Good luck and hello to every one back homeLove Libby  Hey everyone,Having a great time after all the being sick and chucking I’m feeling great and having an awesome time with some cool people . I miss you guys heaps, mum and dad, my beautiful boy mat chu.. I miss a long shower lol 90 second showers just don’t cut it ha ha. Hope your all well and happy thinking of you , but so happy to be here on this amazing experience��_ see you soon love always Mel xoxHi family,friends and everyone reading this. Young Endeavour voyage 17/09 started with a bang and is absolutely amazing. Youth crew is amazing and friendly. Lovely weather for the past few days, everyone just chilling and absorbing the warm weather. Dolphins are everywhere here as well as seals-absolutely amazing. Saw a shark. YAY��_ to the fam I called this afternoon but no one bothered to pick up so thanks. I feel loved. See you at the airport on Monday night. Goood luck to all of my friends in exams. Miss and love you all heapsIzzyCan’t stop smiling, awesome weather, people and stories to tell you when I get back!! Definitely having the time of my life  Love lots and lotsMegs xoxoxoxHI MUM!Having the most amazing time, I’ve got a six pack from laughing so hard, I never want it to end, and I’m bringing the chef home, we get the most amazing meals ever I think ive put on 10 kilos!Love and miss everyone xo BritHeya FamilyHaving a great time now and enjoying the weather. Stopped in Port Linco and had a great swim. Lots to tell you when I get back. There are some amazing people with some amazing stories on this trip. This is defiantly the experience of a lifetime. Love ya, ciaoCameron DHey mum n dad!!! Wow.. what an amazing experience!! Having a ball! Fantastic weather, and amazing views of the Aussie coast!!Met amazing people, and great staff!! C u soon.. all my love always and forever!! Shanon xxxHi Mum and Dad & familyIm having an amazing time im so glad that I came on this. I have had an amazing time learning new things and going across the bite.The crew is great and I have made many new friends that I hope to keep.The staff is great and so calm and casual.Cant wait to get home and see you all !!Miss you lots and cant wait to see you. You should call Justin and Bring him with you to pick me upXoxo Teagz  Hey to the guys back in Warrnambool,Havin a blast here!!!! The weather has picked up and everyone is having a great time. Just got back from a visit to Port Lincoln and we are having a massive BBQ and enjoying the sunset. Everyone is having a great time, and anyone on the ship would recommend this trip to anyone and its been the best fun ever.Looking forward to seeing everyone at home and of course cannot wait to get back to work��_See you soon,TommoHello Mum, Dad, Tys, Missy, Family, Friends and all Aussies, Yes we have just completed the first part of our voyage 17/09 across The Great Australian Bight. Having heaps of fun, heaps of laughs and enjoying getting to know the rest of the youth crew and staff. We are currently having a bbq on the deck overlooking Port Lincoln! I am having an amazing time and am looking forward to the rest of the voyage.Would highly recommend the YE experience to everyone (so apply)Catch ya, Lv Shell xXoHey Mum, Dad, Family and FriendsHaving an awesome time! Greatest thing I have ever done!We left Esperance 6 days ago and headed across the Great Australian Bight, over the 6 days we were all taught how to sail this magnificent ship, climbing the masts, setting sails and steering the ship we arrived at Port Lincoln at about lunch time today and have had a relaxing afternoon on shore and then a bbq on the ship.It has been an experience of a life time that I would recommend to everyone!Having the best time ever and looking forward to the rest of the voyage.AndrewG’day mother,This would have to be the greatest thing I have been a part of in my life so far, although I haven’t climbed that far up the mast it is a great view up there from where I have been. The weather has been a bit hairy from start of voyage till 2 days ago when the water looked liked glass, lots of dolphins, seals, and birds. The setting of sails is a lot of hard work but is a lot of fun.Havin a lot of fun and don’t really wanna get off, but have to so ill meet u in Adelaide��_JamieHello everyone, The past 6 days has been pretty awesome. We made it across the bite and are spending the night in anchored in Port Lincoln. It is so much better now that everyone is over their sea sickness, it was also GREAT to step on land for the first time this week today. The water has been behaving itself pretty much and the last couple of days it has been spectacular with dolphins, seals and heaps of bird life checking out the boat and swimming with us. Tonight is movie night, we’ve had a BBQ which was great and we are all just chillin’ out on deck a.t.m. Staffies are great, especially Taffy, best watch leader ever, and Captain Gav and NavagaTrish is pretty awesome too. Don’t worry Mum, NANNA is looking after us too.Looking forward to Adelaide and seeing everyone in Sydney and Parkes soon(ish).Gerard.


34° 42' South / 135° 51' East


Currently at POrt Lincoln and enjoying very light SE winds with nil swell.