Captain's Log
8 October 2007


Ahoy Shipmates,Here to tell you about the day and voyage so far is YC Ashleigh:Hello to all back on the dry land,Today was a pretty relaxed day, most of the YC are over their sea sickness and we are all starting to get the hang of what it is like to be on a sailing ship for 10 days with 23 other youth, still one thing we need to get better at is the 90 second showers, I am sure we will get the hang of it soon though.Today we spent time at Fraser Island playing sport activites done by Jess and white watch won them with the help from our watch leader Brad. The play of the day would have to go to Jordo when he egged Alex, but fear not she got him back. After spending some time on the Island we came back to a wonderful and yummy BBQ done by Chad, a big thankyou to Chad for being such a great chef. Another thankyou for all our staff, they are doing a great job in keeping us safe and happy. Young Endeavour has been such a great experience and there are still more days to come so it can only get better. Jeremy I miss you and I am safe. More activites are to be done tonight and it is time to go and do three way chats. One more thing, Go White watch!Hope you are all reading to follow us along on our journey one the Young Endeavour.AshleighAnd the weather was awesome too! Tomorrow morning we will start heading south to our next anchorage, most likely Mooloolaba. An the way we will work on improving our knowledge of the ship and how she sails in preparation for Command Day, which is just around the corner…Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours AyeChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


24°49's / 153°7'e


Wind NE 5kts, clear, cool and calm