Captain's Log
20 March 2007


What a day today has been!After a longer sleep last night we all awoke to a beautiful sunrise over the islands at the mouth of Bland Bay. By 0700 Young Endeavour was underway and heading north to Cape Brett and the famous tourist destination of the Hole in the Rock. This is small island with a fairly large hole in the south western edge that is large enough to drive small power driven vessels through. Young Endeavour came to a stop around 400 yards from the hole and, with both boats in the water, commenced boat rides through! It was a fantastic experience and having arrived at the hole shortly before 0900, a sight that was almost all ours.Hole in the rock complete we got under way again. Rounding Cape Brett Young Endeavour entered the famous Bay of Islands and proceeded to anchor off Waitangi. This was where the British and Maori signed a peace deal that was to end the wars between the settlers and Maori. After another of the mouth watering lunches produced by our gourmet cheff, every one proceeded ashore to visit the Treaty House museum. After some time ashore to stretch legs all personnel returned to the ship for dinner.Below are comments from some of the Youth Crew:yasmin says… this is the most amazing experience i have had!!! every morning we watch seamen turn into she-men!! everyone has a laugh as their duds are passed around. pick em up kiddie’s!! absolutely amazing food means we are all becoming rather round. Made awsome friends already and seen some crazy things. Definately the experience of a lifetime…!!!!!Rach and Ally say: This is an adventure which is more than we could ever imagine. The crew on board are amazing and very welcoming. Us youth crew have been provided with so many challenges which have pushed us to our boundaries. We have all become great team mates so quickly and have formed many friends. Big thankyou to Sammy our Blue Watch leader whom makes every activity enjoyable. A great adventure which we will remember for a life time.Until tomorrow…I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


35°16's / 174°5'e


Nil wind, nil swell