Captain's Log
3 March 2005

At anchor off Robe South Australia

1. Situation at 21:002. Last night we continued to make ground to the Nor’West as weclosed the anchorage position off Robe. Each of the watches climbedaloft and continued to hone their sail-handling skills by practisingsetting and furling.3. Today’s morning brief was another hilarious affair. Salty Sea DogPhil (with some help from Blue Watch Leader Shayne) explained theorigin of the term the Heads, which is the name for the toiletsonboard a ship. Engineer Horto made another impressive haul ofclothing he found sculling for his scran bag. The offenders werekind enough to entertain the ship’s company with a magnificantrendition of Crabs and Seashells. Happy Hour today dedicated specialattention to the decks. In each area of the ship, the decks werescrubbed clean and carefully dried.4. At 11:00, after YOUNG ENDEAVOUR came to anchor, Engineer Horto ledthe Youth Crew in the second installment of Rope Races. This wasfollowed by Navigator Hibbo giving a lecture on his black art.5. After lunch was finished and the cafe and galley were squaredaway, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to spend a few hours inRobe. The local shopkeepers didn’t know what hit them as 24 youngAustralians went in search of souveniers and lollies. There was alsothe chance to enjoy a game of touch football, cricket and soccer in thelocal park.6. Back onboard, Chef Speedy prepared a magnificant BBQ which allhands thoroughly enjoyed. The Youth Crew have just completed theirthree-way talks. They are divided into groups of three and given 30minutes to learn the life stories of the other two members. Next,they are required to role play the life story of one of the othermembers of their group to the assembled ship’s company. This providedsome great laughs and lots of fun.7. The Youth Crew have been briefed on what is required of themovernight while the ship is at anchor. Instead of four hours onwatch, they will each spend an hour ensuring the ship doesn’t draganchor and remains safe.8. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The ship is fitted with two 215 HPturbo charged diesel engines. These are capable of generating speedsof up to ten knots. Total fuel capacity is 17,860 litres situated intwo tanks below the cafe. Electricity is produced through two 40 KVAgenerators.9. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Gaskets – Short lengths of line used to secure sails to a yard, mast or other spar. Bunt Lines – lines attached to the foot of a square sail and running up the forward side of the sail and then back to the deck. They are used to assist ingathering the sail to the yards prior to furling.10. Thought of the day: Never act in a certain way just to fit in,for when all your acting is done, you will have forgotten who youreally are. Christopher Swift.Yours, AyeJohn CowanCMDR, RANHey everyoneWe’re all having a good time on the boat with a trip to Robe todaygiving everyone a good chance to get off the moving boat – we wereall staggering around though. The best moment I have had so far isseeing the dolphins one morning, it was great. Looking forward to therest of the trip and see ya when I get home all.Andrea, MilduraHowdy,Today we went onto dry land in a place called Robe in SouthAustralia. I won the handstand competition. That was very easy. Thefood is cooked by Speedy, which is fab. I bought another bag today.We are currently on watch tonight and then we are off to bed.I loveyou all and miss you all.lots of love HanYoidles,This has been one of the better days, as there was no one sea sick.This is a great achievement given that I have spent the last twonights looking after seasick people. However we have spent about anhour on dry land today, played some games and went shopping. HoweverI am having a fabulous time, and have been having great fun with thefriends I have made. Just to wrap up, Thanks mum and dad for lettingme do this and love to you all,Brad, Melbourne XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


37° 9' South / 139° 45' East


Wind: Sou'West at 12 kts, Temp:15c, Cloud:5/8