Captain's Log
17 February 2010

At Anchor Norman Bay

Hi Everyone, This morning was warm with clear skies and slight seas. Overnight we had continued to make good progress and by morning brief we were located 60nm to the south east of Wilson’s Promontory motor sailing due to the light and variable conditions. Following morning brief and cleaning stations all equipment that was still wet from the previous four days of rain was brought on deck so that it could be dried and properly aired before being re-stowed. We also took advantage of the light conditions to drop the main staysail and conduct some much needed repairs on damage to this sail which had occurred during the gale force winds of the previous days. Originally it had been planned to make today a full day of sailing instruction but due to the light conditions this was no longer achievable. That said, we were still able to complete a number of other enjoyable voyage activities that did not involve sail work. On completion of these activities the Youth Crew were given some free time so that they could climb the mast or just sit out on the bowsprit and enjoy life at sea. By late afternoon we had rounded Wilson’s Promontory and shortly after, proceeded to anchor in the lea of Mount Oberon in the very scenic Norman Bay. Once safely at anchor the course yard rope swing was rigged and everyone enjoyed a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of Norman Bay. This evening following another one of Chef Chad’s enjoyable dinners everyone mustered on deck and enjoyed the outdoor cinema screening of the classic movie ���Around Cape Horn’ complete with hot popcorn. The time is now 2130 and a very tired Youth Crew are about to turned in for a much needed good night’s sleep at anchor. Tomorrow morning we will proceed ashore at Norman Bay before getting underway again tomorrow afternoon and continuing our voyage to Melbourne.Please find attached some Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav CAPTAINS LOG VOYAGE 4/10Sammi makes the best banana bread and she is awesome. Hello Dad, Brothers, G/F’s & Swimming Pool Ladies��_ All is finally well seasickness wise��_ Having a great time��_ We need a big ship in middle of our pool��_ Can’t wait to see everyone when I get home with some cool stories and photos��_ Ellen LyneHey to all! Weather today was lovely and sunny as we sailed along and anchored in Norman’s Bay, Wilson’s Prom. Having a ball, so much to keep ourselves amused with ��� we jumped off the ship this arvo and went for a swim, climbed up the mast and watched the dolphins racing along the side of the ship. Pretty awesome day, really. Being seasick and having to wake up at insane hours like 4am have been challenging but its all been so much fun and days like today have been fantastic. ��� Ainsley Ryan Hey there! Today has been a fantastic day. Even getting up at 0320 for our morning watch wasn’t such a struggle. The night was so clear, we could gaze at all the amazing stars, with just a little light from distant oil rigs. We climbed up the forward mast to watch the sun rise, and spent the day in the sun on deck. You can’t help thinking, this is the life. If you have to work, where better than on a brilliant, flat sea, with perfect sailing weather, good company, dolphins and penguins swimming by, and no worries. Finally, we topped it off with an (extremely refreshing) swim. Bring on the next adventure! Love to all family and friends. ��� Kathy RadoslovichHi everyone. I’m having a great time on board the Young Endeavour. As I type this I am looking out over Mt Oberon at Wilson’s Prom and I realise I am having an amazing time. It’s been really good so far, even through the seasickness and huge storms. I’m looking forward to the command day on Friday; I hope to do the navigating into Port Phillip Bay. See you soon, Andrew.Dear Petra ��� aka the fantastic weather lady from work. This is my special shout out to you! No doubt you have been watching the weather so I need not fill you in on the sunny days, incredibly stormy seas and ample amounts of sea sickness. Has been a good trip so far  J I hope work is going well. Many stories when I get home. Much love, CarmelHooly dooly, you can’t even imagine all the things that have happened over the last few days. At first I was just thankful to be alive after the great plague of ’10 (i.e. seasickness) swept the boat. After sampling some of the chef’s fine breakfast concoctions on day four however, I was lucky enough to make it up to the bridge to steer the boat through 40 knot winds and site a bunch of dolphins, jelly fish, and even a seal! Amidst 3-4 metre waves I felt a mounting excitement. Since then things have only looked up and our adventures swimming at the Prom this arvo are the icing on the cake. Bring on command day! Sally Jane.Salutations, sports fans! Rocking out on the good ship Endeavour. It’s twilight chill time at the moment, so we are all very relaxed and good vibe-y. Also: no seasickness, rain or early morning watches make Leo a happy sailor. It’s been rough, but entirely bearable due to good food and better company (which, if you’ve experienced Chad’s cooking, mean a lot!) Dad, can you ring Yo so she can check Tom paid the rent? Also, I believe your army woollens saved my life several times. Sending general affection from my end (the nether regions of Oz). Leo.Haha hey all! A great day out here to be celebrating my 23rd birthday! Haha, blue skies, sunshine, nice weather, dolphins and even seals too. I’ve already been given the opportunity to jump off the ship and into the ocean – so for all those out there, I’ve fulfilled that promise and am having heaps of fun! Enjoying the sunset now and bye for now, take care, Vu : )


39° 2' South / 146° 18' East


Currently at anchor in Norman Bay and enjoying light south westerly winds with nil swell.