Captain's Log
28 July 2007


Ahoy there Shipmates,Here we are at fantastic Middle Percy Is, where we anchored just after 10.00 am this morning.So far the weather has been quite kind to us, so apart from having to get everyone out of bed at 2200 last night to tack ship, we have had an uneventful voyage south – so far. One thing you learn at sea is to never take the weather foregranted…Yesterday the team rose to the challenge and learned quickly, and were able to tack ship before the first dog watch began at 1600. This was a great achievement. Overnight hot too many got seasick, so we were able to focus on learning the watchkeeping duties of steering, keeping lookout and doing rounds, as well as some sail handling and climb ing to work aloft.As I write the entire crew are ashore at the “Middle Percy Yacht Club” taking the opportunity to kick a footy around and have a look at the relics of previous visits which are in the “A-Frame” on the beach.Shortly the Youth Crew will return onboard fro lunch, then we will weigh anchor and start the overnight passage south to the township of 1770. Enroute Paige (the navigator) will give her Nav lecture, and we will have round 1 of “rope races” before settling into watches and more sail handling and deck drills.So far we have seen heaps of whales with their calves – it is a fantastic time of year to be around in these waters to see these beautiful creatures doing what comes naturally!Until tomorrow, ye lubbers,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


21°39's / 150°15'e


Wind - Light and Variable, Temp 26 deg C, fine and beaut!