Captain's Log
21 January 2000

At anchor in Tolaga Bay

Yesterday afternoon we had a tremendous and exhilarating sail in fresh NE winds prior to anchoring in Tolaga Bay. The wind had veeredsufficiently to enable squares to be set and I’m sure the ship would have made a lovely sight entering the picturesque bay under full sailand sailing to the anchorage. There were about 20 people on the local jetty watching so I suspect that the whole town had turned out to greet us. A BBQ was quickly set up on deck while everybody went in for a swim. The BBQ was excellent followed by the staff opening the Banana Split bar. That evening three way talks were conducted by the youth crew which provided a good laugh. Later in the evening, except for those on Anchor Watch, the youth crew caught up on some welldeserved sleep.It was up at 0630 this morning for some PT and deck games. At 0800 we hoisted our flag and with great gusto sang the national anthem. Following cleaning stations this morning the youth crew charged ashore. They are expected back soon. It is very peaceful onboard at the moment.After lunch we will weigh anchor and continue our passage north. Our next stop is going to be White Island, an active volcano in the Bay of Plenty some 120 NM distant. Winds permitting we should arrive there tomorrow.


38° 22' South / 178° 20'


At anchor, Wind 040/10kts, Temp 22, blue skies