Captain's Log
16 April 2000

At anchor in Jervis Bay, NSW

Noon, SundayYesterday afternoon we continued to motor up the coast staying in close looking for an afternoon sea breeze, as we made our way towards Jervis Bay. After lunch with no wind still to speak of we stopped the ship and all had a refreshing swim. A very light seabreeze came in at about 1500 which we used for the rotational tacks. This is where the Youth Crew rotate through the different positions on deck to see how everyone else does their job and thus have a better overview of how it all works. The sea breeze didn’t last long and after the tacks it was back on with motors. After dinner it was a tall ship video night, complete with pop corn, where we watched the classic footage of Captain Irving Johnston’s days on board a four-masted barque rounding Cape Horn (Captain Irving certainly got a bit more wind then we have so far). Afterwards an anchor watch lecture was given in preparation for the Youth Crew spending their first night at anchor this voyage. We finally arrived at Jervis Bay and went to anchor at 2200. This morning it was a spot of deck exercises before breakfast, then ashore after cleaning stations for our first opportunity to replenish chocolate supplies. This afternoon we will weigh anchor and the Youth Crew will undergo their final test before Command Day tomorrow, namely setting and furling drills. This is to allow me the opportunity to ensure that they can safely handle lines and sails before we give them control of the ship. That’s all for now. Cap’n Bob.


35° 7' South / 150° 43'


Wind nil, temp 21.