Captain's Log
6 November 2008

At Anchor, Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Yarghhh! As of 12 o’clock I have relieved Captain Dimity my name is Scott M and I was elected Captain of the second watch which consisted of Scott D as our Sail Master, Clare as our efficient Navigator and the three Watch Leaders ��� Adam, Willa and Lachlan. Our shift ran quite smoothly as far as a graveyard shift can, and although the crew were very tired they all committed 110% and there was no hesitation to go out of their way to help others. I was overwhelmed by the ability of our crew. Although the last half of the journey was not quite as smooth as I was hoping it was made possible by all on board, all obstacles were overcome. We accomplished a trip of 160 miles sailing from Hayman Island to Magnetic Island in just over 24hrs, and thankfully the previous outbreak of sea sickness was very limited. At around 1pm we arrived at our destination and dropped anchor, a relief for all. It has been a pleasure serving with the Young Endeavour crew and I have learnt valuable lessons that I will take with me through life.Just one big final Thank You! to the Youth Crew for the massive effort they all put in ��� it wouldn’t have been a success without you!! Cheers : )


19° 7' South / 146° 51' East