Captain's Log
16 September 2006

At Anchor, Deal Island, Bass Strait

Dear All,As I write we are swinging to the starboard anchor in East Cove on the remote Bass Strait Deal Island. Fortunately the weather is quite calm, so we have been able to remain here overnight.Since we sailed from Eden we have had to motor into headwinds across bass Strait. As we went, this morning we had morning brief, happy hour, and mid voyage talks. This afternoon we had rope races and Captain’s setting and furling drills (a test of safety skill) before coming to anchor shortly after 1600. As soon as we arrived, we got everyone ashore for a leg stretch and a BBQ at the jetty.Tomorrow we will make the 3.5 km climb up to the lighthouse at the island. As part of this Steven has challenged staffie Lisa to a race up and back – the record is 17 mins up and nine back – I’ll let you know how they go in tomorrow’s log. We plan to sail shortly before lunch, with the aim of getting to anchor off Stanley early AM Monday in preparation for command day.Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours Aye,Chris GallowayLieutenant Commander, RANCommanding Officer.


39° 28' South / 147° 19' East


Wind - SW 10 knots, sea calm, weather clear.