Captain's Log
29 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. It was sunshine, clear skies and relatively calm seas that greeted us at morning brief this morning and you could see the change in our World Voyage Crew with both colour and smiles returned to their faces.Overnight we had managed to make good speed and we were now motor sailing along the French Coast and located only 50nm from Brest. Given the conditions we new that we could now make Brest early this evening but rather than go alongside and have to change all of the scheduled services I decided that we would go to anchor instead. Approval for this anchorage was sort and approved by the French Navy and Maritime Operations so given the great conditions we but the ship under a modified sail plan shutdown main engines and enjoyed a really pleasant sail all the way into the picturesque Brest Harbour. Once in the harbour all sail was handed in and we came safely to anchor in the Bay of Roscanvel at 1730.Since anchoring the crew have been busy up both masts putting a harbour furl on the topsail and the cover on the mainsail.Tomorrow morning we will depart our anchorage at 0920 and transit the short distance over to the French Naval Base where we will berth at 1000. During our stay in Brest the World Voyage Crew will be given time ashore to enjoy some delicious French cuisine and to explore the city of Brest and the surrounding area. Also a number of Staff and Crew will take the opportunity to go on an organised tour of the Battlefields of Normandy.Enough from me! I will now hand over to Kat and Adzie who kindly volunteered to write tonight’s Captains Log. Enjoy!The next edition of Captains Log will released on our departure from Brest on Wednesday 2nd September.Until then, take careYours AyeCaptain GavBonjour Young Endeavour fans and family, Adzie and Kat reporting in…The weather gods have finally smiled upon us and bestowed us with sun shine and calmer winds, a nice change from the previous four days of cloud, wind, and horizontal rain with a constant thud as the Young Endeavour crashes head on into the sea potholes (waves). The change in weather appears to have enticed the entire crew up and about the decks. Finally the spew crew have gotten over the worst of it, particularly Dan, Kat and Liv, and its oh so nice to see them smiling, colour in their face, joining in the sailing activities and enjoying Marcus’s delicious and ever so filling meals, the last of which included Golden Syrup Dumplings, YUMMM!It’s currently 2030 and after a day of smooth sailing around the picturesque North West coast of France we have anchored just off the seaside town of Brest. Today was an active day, starting off with one of Marcus’s no doubt amazing breakfasts. However, as neither Kat nor I were in attendance we can’t tell you what it is, but trust me it would have been great. Morning briefs took place after breakfast where Salty gave us a history lesson on how the Jacks of old used to ensure their crew remained their crew after a visit to port. This explains why my (Adzie) watch leader keeps coming back for more :-0 Nana, the stowaway with a penchant for cleanliness, then made an appearance and was handing out a bag of previous presents or general personal belongings, re-gifted as they had not been hidden well enough by us World Voyagers. During (not so) happy hour (cleaning the boat), the ladies 12 berth was described by a certain staffie as atrocious. Kat’s dirty socks hanging off the hooks may have been a contributing factor to this (whoopsie).Following a scrumdiddlyumpcious lunch of Lamb Cutlets, Sundried tomato pasta dish, Rissoles – “yeah, but it’s what you do with them” – Salads, both of the green and fruity variety, we had the first, of hopefully many, Rope Races. The winner hasn’t been made clear to anyone, however Kat believes it was blue watch and I am of the strong opinion it was red watch. All we know is that as no one from white watch is here to stake their claim, it definitely wasn’t them. This activity was followed by a 3 way chat activity, where we split off into groups of three and found out a little bit of each others stories. Mean while, as we were getting to know each other, we ever so gently sailed our way into the safe harbour of Brest. Being the rather large sailing ship we are, and I can say that now we have left Amsterdam, we became the local tourist attraction amongst the meandering sailing and fishing vessels, with many of them changing course to come take a closer look.After running through the 3 way chats where we introduced ourselves as another member of the team, we made our way back down to my favourite room in the boat, the café, where Marcus had another amazing menu waiting for us. Side note, on preparing for this journey, I (Adzie) thought I’d fatten myself up a bit in case of sea sickness or lack of access to food. Future note, if these feasts continue they may need to keep me onboard until they pull the engines out as it is highly likely I won’t be disembarking through any of these tiny hatches… Not complaining though Well, that’s about it from us, we are going to go and enjoy the night with our fellow World Voyagers, some of whom are 30 metres above us packing away the big bed sheets we occasionally hang out to dry (Course Top Sail and Main Sail).From me (Adzie), I’d like to say hello to my family, friends, work colleagues, Marlee and Karen. I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to write to you proper, I miss you all. This really is an amazing adventurer, I’m having the time of my life.From Kat – Firstly a big Happy Birth Anniversary to Dad for the 26th, hope you had a brilliant day!!! Hi to all the family Easey’s, Bird’s and Dickins’), friends, Guides, fellow Comcarians and Yass Lions members reading this. I’m finally having a great day and have a belly full of food (yes I’ve been struck down with the seaman’s diet), having a brilliant time regardless and enjoying the nicer weather here in France. Love to all xoxoxOver and out, Kat and Adzie XOxo (B ig Kiss, Big Hug, little kiss, little hug). Further shout outs below.Jess here, just a shout to the big bro Happy Birthday Brendo, not really missing you at all but thought I’d give you a mention. To my Scottish brother (David), I have seen a fair few of those flags you forced me to make. Love to Mum and Dad surely your missing me. JessMum and Dad I’ve been nicknamed Rudy (use your imaginations there) Lots of Love Britt


48 degrees 19 minutes North / 4 degrees 31 minutes West


Currently at anchor in the Bay of Roscanvel (Brest Harbour) and enjoying light and variable conditions with nil swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees.