Captain's Log
29 May 2009

At Anchor At Stradbroke Island

Hi Everyone, At morning brief this morning Young Endeavour was located 10nm to the south east of our planned anchorage at Stradbroke Island. On completion of the normal mornings cleaning stations I conducted Captains Setting and Furling Drills. These drills are designed for each of the watches to demonstrate to the Captain that they can set and furl sails safely, and are the last of the training activities prior to the ship being handed over to the Youth Crew for Command Day. Once this activity was successfully completed all sail was handed in and the ship proceeded to anchor just off Lookout Point, which is located at the northern point of Stradbroke Island. This is the first time that I have anchored the ship at Stradbroke Island as normally the prevailing conditions and swell are not favourable to do so. That said, the conditions on this occasion were perfect. Once safely at anchor the YC were ferried ashore where they enjoyed an afternoon of ���semi competitive�� beach sports and body surfing in the small shore break. This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed another memorable BBQ, eaten in the caf� on this occasion due a sudden down pour which spoilt our outdoor eating plans. On completion of dinner I briefed the YC on the purpose and aims of command day, then left them to conduct their own elections to determine which of them would serve in leadership positions. These positions have now been decided and a weary Youth Crew have now turned in for a good nights rest prior to taking Command of Young Endeavour at 1000 tomorrow morning.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


27° 24' South / 153° 31' East


Currently at anchor at Stradbroke Island and experiencing moderate SE winds.