Captain's Log
16 July 2009

At Anchor At Luncheon Bay

Hi Everyone, During the early hours of this morning the wind freshened from the south west and we again started to make some reasonable headway. By morning brief we were located 5nm to the south east of Hayman Island experiencing moderate winds at 10-15kts. Given the forecast for lighter conditions late in the morning it was decided to go strait into rotational tacks to take advantage of these excellent sailing conditions. During this activity the Youth Crew demonstrated that they really had ���hoisted in’ the past three days of sail training by completing a very good set of tacks. As predicted the wind moderated to less than 8kts by midday so all sail was handed in and we utilised main engines to complete the final 3nm to our anchorage. During this short passage the Boats Officer gave a short presentation on Rules of the Road, which no doubt will come in handy come Command Day. At 1400 Young Endeavour came safely to anchor in 30 meters of water in the very scenic Luncheon Bay, which is located at the north eastern side of Hook Island. Once at anchor the Youth Crew proceeded aloft to put sea furls on all the sails. On completion of this task the rope swing was rigged from the course yard and everyone enjoyed the experience of swinging of the side into the clear and refreshing water of Luncheon Bay. This evening we enjoyed a sunset Teak Deck BBQ (cooked by Adam & Myself) followed by a most enjoyable and entertaining round of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). Once completed, the Youth Crew settled into anchor watches for the night and everyone will now enjoy a good nights rest.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours Aye Captain GavPS. Please find some Captains Log entries from the Youth CrewCaptains Log Voyage 09-09Hi Everyone over on the mainland,What an amazing adventure we have all been having here so far this voyage on the Young Endeavour!! We’ve been cruising around the beautiful Whitsundays, so nice! The people here are excellent and the food is very very nice! It was definitely worth it!!!! Anyway Cyaz when we get back, From Niki.Hey all, If you’re thinking of joining a future Young Endeavour Crew, GO FOR IT, great experience, the simple yet exciting daily routines keep you thinking about just how great life really is. Wether the job in hand may be hauling in some rope, or chillering on the bridge looking for pirates, It definitely is not a chore, more of an opportunity to be part of the crew. So come on, the ships great, the staff are all great, the lifes great too. Cheers to the Young Endeavour, Owen


20° 3' South / 158° 56' East


Currently at anchor in Luncheon Bay and experiencing light southerly winds with nil swell.