Captain's Log
22 January 2007

At Anchor, America/Refuge Bay

Hello All,What a great day we have had! In the past 24 hours we have had a fantastic sail (and then motor) up the coast from Jervis Bay. Enroute we completed rotational tacks (where everyone goes to eveyone else’s tacking station), watches overnight, setting and furling/clewing/brailing in of all the sails, and climbing aloft. Pretty much everyone is now over their sea sickness, and the team are really beginning to pull together well. To tell us all about her experience so far, here is YC member Erin:Hello all those back on dry land, Erin here! Having the time of my life! Guess what Mum, Dad and Brad, I climbed all the way to the topgallent yard and tied/untied the gaskets! It was 32 metres above deck, having done this both alongside and at sea (the first… SCARY!!!) I think I’m a lot more confident with heights! Sailing is the biggest rush, once your over that intial seasickness you feel on top of world. It’s hard work and you don’t get much sleep, but it all adds to the experience! Nights at sea are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, sunrises and sunsets are golden! Everyone here is awesome! The staff are champions, I will never forget this voyage! I have learnt so much, and we have only been under way for four days! My boundries have been pushed to the limit, and out here if there is something to be done, you just have to step up to the plate! Highlights have definately been, being out on the bowsprit getting DUNKED under water, climbing to the TOP!!! and just being here with such an amazing bunch off people. I will never forget my young endeavour experience!! ERIN…xxx Well, sounds like fun – we’re all having a ball. This afternoon we got ashore at a beach in picturesque Pittwater, and will enjoy a quiet night at anchor. Tomorrow we will get underway in the morning and head out to sea for our final preparation for Command Day on Thursday. Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


33° 36' South / 151° 15' East


Wind; SE 10-15, weather warm and clear