Captain's Log
23 November 2007

At Anchor, Althorpe Island

Ahoy Shipmates,Yesterday we continued sailing out of the Gulf of Saint Vincent and as we turned west around the heel of Yorke Peninsula to make our way through Investigator Strait the wind followed, veering into the west, and forcing us to continue tacking ship through the day to make our way towards Port Lincoln. Fortunately around midnight last night the wind backed into the south which, after yet another tack, allowed us to continue out of the Strait for the rest of the night without any further tacks. This morning we had our second set of rope races followed by a sail theory lecture which we immediately put into practice, after one more tack, and sailed to anchor off Althorpe Island, a small island off the toe of Yorke Peninsula which has one of the last manned lighthouses in the world. We are now at anchor and, bar a small anchor watch, everyone is ashore to explore the island and to say hello to the lighthouse keeper ��� hopefully we will not disturb his serenity too much.Thus far after two nights at sea we have completed 11 tacks and the youth crew has decided to pick up the gauntlet to see if we can set a new record for the most tacks and wears in one ten day voyage, the target is 26. Stay tuned. Yours Aye,Captain Bob


35° 22' South / 136° 52' East


Wind west 12 knots, calm seas, clear skies.