Captain's Log
V05B/15 - Passage Five - Part B
8 November 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 9 of our voyage. Overnight in pleasant sailing conditions we continued our passage south and as forecast the wind did veer to the north west during the early hours of this morning which enabled us to wear ship and shape a perfect course for Bremerhaven.One of the many things that has really stood out during our time in the North Sea is the amazing sunsets and last night would have been one of the most spectacular that I have seen. The great thing about being onboard Young Endeavour is that you can always go out on the bowsprit or climb to the top of the mast to witness these sunsets and last night that’s what the majority of the first watch and a number of others chose to do, unfortunately Dougie our Bosun and very talented photographer wasn’t feeling well and was in bed so I haven’t got a photo to put out on tonight’s Log.Today we celebrated World Voyager Denis Stojanovic’s 24th Birthday. The celebrations started at morning brief with everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and culminated this evening with a delicious flourless chocolate birthday cake baked by our very own Mastchef Marcos and his two assistants World Voyagers Alyce and Jacob. It may not have had any flour but it certainly had lots of chocolate and the taste was to die for!As Staff Crew onboard Young Endeavour we are always thinking of new activities that will challenge our crews and today one of those idea’s had us all dressed as pirates locking the World Voyagers below while we mixed up lines, half set sails and generally caused havoc on deck. We then brought them back on deck tied them together and got them to sort everything out as well as getting us sailing, tacking the ship then navigating us to a waypoint (the Pirates Booty). This was accomplished having a lot of fun with a lot of learning outcomes achieved during the activity.Tomorrow we arrive in Bremerhaven and it will be an exciting visit. Sail Bremerhaven is a huge event which attracts hundreds of thousands of people and it all starts tomorrow with a Parade of Sail as all of the Tall Ships arrive. During the five days that follow there will be Crew Parades, Sporting Events, Crew Parties, Fireworks and many other activities for the Tall Ship Crews and visitors to the city. I am sure that all of our World Voyage Crew will have a fantastic time and this will be another memorable port visit for the ship and the crew of Young Endeavour.Due to our arrival in Bremerhaven tomorrow this will be the last Captains Log until we sail again on Monday 17th August.Volunteering to write tonight’s Log is Marlon from Blue Watch, please enjoy!Until the next Log, take careYours AyeCaptain GavPS A very Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mum ‘Marie’ who turns 80 today. I hope that you have a fantastic day and that you enjoy the party. As always Jess and I will be thinking of you and I will make sure that we open a good bottle of champagne and toast your 80th. Have a great day!!Lots of Love Gav xxxoxCAPTAIN’S LOG – 11 AUG 15Hi,This is the last log being written on the journey to Bremerhaven, as tomorrow we will be docking with great expectations for the Sail Bremerhaven festival and the hospitality of the Germans. Tonight the log is being written by Marlon from Blue Watch. If you’re wondering why Blue is writing the log two nights in a row, you’ll have to keep reading to find out!All watches worked through the night to keep Young Endeavour under sail and headed for Bremerhaven, our next festive port. As Blue Watch scanned the horizon this morning, a pursuer was revealed in the light of dawn – the Sedov, a Russian full-rigged tallship that we have encountered previously was bearing down upon us from the north. Initially the speed of the Sedov’s pursuit seemed unlikely, given the close-hauled tack we were at, but as the sun lit the sea more, it became apparent that she was under power and had no sails set – cheaters!At 7am, the Blue Watch Band performed a rushed rendition of Hakuna Matata by Elton John over the ship’s PA system to wake our fellow shipmates. We ate breakfast and stuffed our faces with Marcos’ amazing banana and chocolate cupcakes, made with aid from Blue Watch’s very own Jacob. Then we were briefed and headed to our cleaning stations, to spend ‘Happy Hour’ making Young Endeavour shine on the inside.Dr Nick gave us a briefing on meteorology, setting the foundations for further questions and understanding of weather and its causes. It was then time for lunch, followed by a relaxing siesta for all but the poor White Watch, who had the afternoon watch. Many people took the opportunity to get some extra sleep, others relaxed in the fine weather on deck, and others played card games in the café. Little did we know…Pirates! The World Voyagers were captured by a crew of misfit pirates, who had obviously thrown the staff crew overboard, as the staff crew were nowhere to be seen. After a period of time locked below deck in darkness, we were brought above deck to aid the pirates in seeking out precious booty to be found at a plotted waypoint. Unfortunately, the pirates weren’t the most able sailors, had left lines scattered about the deck, and the halyards for several sails un-cleated. With encouragement from a few fire-hose-wielding pirates (alias Staffies), the World Voyagers cleaned up the mess and brought the ship under sail. Before long, we had navigated to the booty waypoint, where the pirates rewarded us with Redskins, Sherbies, and Minties, as well as announcing festivities in the night to come for our shipmate Dennis, who turns 24 years old today!Due to the festivities tonight, Red Watch won’t be taking their second dog watch, and that is why Blue Watch is writing the log for a second consecutive night. As I leave you, the Sedov has reappeared and is lurking on the horizon. Perhaps there will be some friendly competition heading into Bremerhaven tomorrow!Hakuna Matata!Marlon, Blue Watch.Shout OutsHey Grandma!! Jess here hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday and get plenty of champagne, miss you so much and hope Grandad is still looking after you. I’m having an amazing time over here but can’t wait to come back to Tassie and visit! Sending my love and birthday wishes from the North Sea xoxoxo Jess D


54 degrees 42 minutes North / 7 degrees 2 minutes East


Currently located 30nm to the NW of Bremerhaven and experiencing light NW winds with nil swell. Current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.