Captain's Log
28 February 2002

Arm in Arm We Go

Current situation at 1100: Our Voyage is now complete and sadly the YC are clambering up the gangway and walking down the wharf arm-in-arm.Initially it was quite a rough trip, the Southern Ocean gave our tummies plenty to contemplate. I know the YC will remember those first two days with dread. But they got through it and a lot more of the course of the Voyage. We visited plenty of beaches and got two candy stops in – woohoo. Their Command Day was a success and I know they will take something away with them to use in the future.We berthed at 10 AM with the YC aloft manning the yards and singing their favourite song. At a ceremony at midships I presented the YC with Voyage Certificates and had the pleasure of awarding the Order of Australia Emblem to Corinne Leale, 23, of Smithton, Tasmania for her outstanding contribution in making the Voyage the success it was.I head home for a short break for the next two five day Voyages.I will temporarily hand Command of the ship to a previous YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Commanding Officer, the well regarded, Bob Williams.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


34° 42' South / 135° 53'


Alongside Main Wharf Port Lincoln.