Captain's Log
2 April 2000

Approaching VIC/SA Border

Had a good days sailing yesterday with a fresh breeze except we always seemed to be going in the wrong direction. The wind seemed to know where we wanted to go and kept shifting to head us off. We still had a fun day, although the lumpy seas still had a few of the crew looking green. We shut down the generators in the afternoon for a quiet period which I regard as being rather special. No mechanical noise, only the sound of the wind and the sea. I scattered the ashes of two former Navy guys who had bequeathed to have their ashes scattered at sea. The ceremony was well attended and rather nice as the ship powered along under sail alone on a clear cool day. Afterwards, I was asked if I would have my ashes scattered from the YE. My response was ���I certainly hope not as I am hoping to outlast the ship’. Perhaps Young Endeavour II.By the end of the day we were falling behind schedule as we continued to beat against the head winds. Engines were started, allowing the ship to sail a little closer to the wind, and we motor sailed overnight. We tacked at midnight and again at 0400 this morning. We are now approaching the SA/VIC border and command day will start tomorrow. We’ve still got a lot of miles to cover before then. We had better get a wriggle on.Until tomorrow


38° 40' South / 140° 45'


Wind 060/12kts, Temp 16, partly cloudy