Captain's Log
25 April 2001

ANZAC Day breakfast

Our Youth Crew settled into their watches overnight and experienced some good sailing. This morning we had an early visit to Dent Passage to allow a contingent led by Dion to participate in the Dawn Service at Hamilton Is. After the Service all thirty of our party were kindly treated to breakfast in the Reef View Hotel ��� my thanks on behalf of the entire crew go out to Wayne, Ciaran and all of the Island staff for such great hospitality.After a quiet forenoon in the anchorage we went in for a refreshing swim before the first round of the rope learning races. The afternoon SE winds have given us an opportunity to get some tacks in before settling into watches for a night at sea.We are hoping to get up to Whitehaven Beach for a run around tomorrow morning, so hopefully the youth crew entrusted to the helm will steer us well and those helping with the navigation choose the right island.Youth Crew entries for ANZAC Day 2001:Sarah Smith 21, MelbourneWhat an amazing time we are having on board the Young Endeavour, I’ve been climbing the mast,and it’s much higher than it looks, however the view is FANTASTIC.Today was a special day and we were lucky enough to take part in the dawn service for ANZAC Day on Hamilton Island. The early start (3:30am) was well worth it,as it will be a memorable time for both the staff and the Youth Crew (not to mention the yummy breakfast we had at one of the resorts).Besides feeling a bit sea sick yesterday I am having a great time, and can’t wait for the adventures that lie ahead. A big hello to Mum, Dad, Cathy (Chloe and Crocky), Lizzy,Jen,Kel, Sian and all my friends.Jim O’Connell 21, BrisbaneHaving a great time. Alive and Well. G’day to Dad, Laraine, Lynelle, Lesley and Uncle. See you all soon.Wendy Jeffries 23, MelbourneAdventures Galore… Having a fab time sailing around the Whitsunday Islands. Couldn’t get much better – climbing the mast, setting sails, diving off the bow into the crystal clear waters. Looking foward to the Guts watch tonight (midnight – 4am) and learning more navigation and knot tying skills… Hi to Mum, Dad, Jay, Tom, Tim, Burnie and all my friends. See you soon Guys after many more adventures here on board the Young Endeavour.Until tomorrowYours AyeMatthew Rowe


20° 24' South / 149° 0'


Captain's Log for ANZAC Day 2001 : V7Situation at 1800: Sailing north of Pentecost Is in the Whitsundays. Wind from the SE at 12 knots. Clear skies. Temp 26C.