Captain's Log
7 July 2000

Another tiring night at sea

We have just berthed at the Mackay Marina having had another tiring night at sea with sleep regularly interupted by the requirement to tack.This morning has proven to be a glorious day with clear skies and a gentle breeze. As the ship berthed the yards were manned by the YC who sang the National anthem on the final approach. When we were secured to the jetty, the YC were all gathered on deck so that I could award end of voyage certificates and say goodbye. I then had the great pleasure in awarding the Order of Australia Emblem to Russ Billingham for his tremendous efforts during the voyage. As a crew, these guys really excelled and achieved a great deal in their four days onboard. The mixture of using returnees and new youth crew members with a physical disability worked exceptionally well and they really complemented each other. It’s been an absolute pleasure to sail with this crew. Thanks guys.Andrew


20° 6' South / 149° 13'


Berthed Mackay Marina, Wind S 10kts, Temp 23, Beaut day