Captain's Log
14 December 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 22 of our voyage. Just as I started to write this log the ship heeled dramatically so I raced to the bridge to find that we had just been hit by a 45kt squall. Straight away we beared away to reduce our apparent boat speed whilst those on watch raced forward to start clewing up the topgallant. In the end it was not required because as quickly as the squall hit it passed, and now the wind is back to 20-25kts and we back sailing comfortably again, the only issue now being that I am cold and soaking wet and desperate need of a hot shower so my entry tonight is very short which I am sure you will understand.

Since last nights log we have continued to make good speed in challenging conditions and are now located 1260nm WSW of Fremantle still experiencing very strong to sometimes gale force WNW winds with a 4m WNW swell.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log (Message in a Bottle) is Taylor and Rebecca from Whitsunday Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

PS. This is day 358 of the World Voyage for me and tonight’s squall was just another part of this amazing voyage.

To whoever stumbles upon this message in a bottle…

A lone Albatross glides above midships. We have not seen the outline of land for nineteen sunsets (or approximately 456 hours), and few of us can recall the sight of a tree or the smell of freshly mowed grass.

Our family and friends are all but a jumble of memories, or a photo in a frame, lost in the heavy mist of the Southern Ocean.

Entertainment is futile, with crew resorting to rope races to bring some life to the weary World Voyagers. Others such as Horto have begun to lose their minds, instigating Weet Bix Whistling challenges to the tune of, “Black Betty” to bring some excitement to the Young Endeavour. Others found cause for concern as they watched their favourite breakfast provisions (Shaun) crumble away into the ocean with every sweet note whistled.

Some, to remind us of home, and simpler times resorted to remedial arts and crafts, bringing the Christmas spirit alive through the creation of a Christmas Tree made from old magazine cuttings of yesteryear, and craft glue.

With our impending arrival, food rations have been somewhat lifted with a select group creating a Biscuit Club, the only joining criteria being, a shared delight of biscuits. We welcomed Dougie to the club creating a sub branch with the ships Photography Club.

However, some had it worse than others. Poor Jenko received the assistance of the accurately named, “Three Stooges” today in the galley. He will have a well earned sleep tonight, after ensuring no blood was lost during the production of dinner. However, sleep may be lost due to the stress of breakfast service, and the potential loss of fingers in tomorrow mornings pancakes.

The sun has briefly peaked through the clouds, giving us hope that as we continue to head East North East towards Fremantle, that we may regain some of our lost summer, and hang up our thermals for good.

A melancholy vibe overtakes the boat as the countdown to land begins.

Small bursts of excitement overtake the ship with thoughts of Christmas, loved ones and mince pies.

Proving that we have become true sailors, and that we can be trusted not to create a mutiny, the responsibility of watch officers, sail master and even potentially the kitchen will be handed over to the world voyagers this week, giving a small amount of relief to our Mighty Staffies at the conclusion of their year long circumnavigation of the globe.

After twenty two days at sea, the dance of carrying ones plate from galley to table has been mastered, as well as that of bathing ones self, the rule being, “wait for the swell”.

The reality of the conclusion of our voyage sets in a little more each day as we embrace the time we have left together, making the most of this shared experience, which we will carry with us till the end of days.

Taylor and Rebecca – Whitsunday Watch

Shout Outs!

Hi Kelly, Love Bec x

Hi All V21/13 chaps. Hope you are all well, Josh A

Hi Dave and Laura, slowly starting to warm up down here! Hope you guys are doing okay. I will message you about the 21st. Miss you and love you both, Rose xx

Hi Marcos’ Mum, Hope you enjoyed his email. Love Taylor and Rebecca (his favourites from the original Blue Watch).

Shout out to Detroit.

Hey Neeks! Hope all is well at home, and you’re settled into work now. Miss you, Dyl xxx

Hi Will, Izzy, Newton and Catherine. Hope you are all fabulous. Marbles probably says hello… Love Rebecca xoxox


41 degrees 18 minutes South / 92 degrees 2 minutes East


Currently located 1260nm WSW of Fremantle sailing on a very broad reach and experiencing strong to very strong WNW winds with a 4m WNW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 11 degrees.