Captain's Log
20 September 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 30 of our voyage which is the half way mark for Passage Six of the World Voyage. Given the efforts put in by our World Voyagers yesterday I decided to make today a ‘Sunday Sea Routine’ so that everyone could relax and just enjoy sailing the Atlantic Ocean on this wonderful ship. None of us are the same and as you will read in tonight’s log everyone relaxes in different ways but the main thing is that we have all had an enjoyable and peaceful Sunday at sea.That said we still have a ship to sail so just for today we split the watches in half so that we still had enough crew to run the ship and to keep us safe and continuing to make good speed south. Thankfully the ‘Wind Gods’ are still smiling upon us so the only real sail work that we have had to do during the daylight hours is to brace the yards square so that we can sail downwind under our three squares.Having just looked at our most recent weather forecast the wind will start to moderate late tomorrow afternoon but hopefully will still be strong enough to allow us to keep sailing without having to use an engine.Volunteering to write tonight’ Log is Red Watches Damo and Annie who not only talk about what has happened today but also to reflect a little on the past 30 days of their voyage. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavPS For those trying to contact me due to a system fault I have not been able to send/receive emails since Friday but hopefully this problem will be rectified overnight. GavCaptain’s Log – Sunday 20 SeptemberRed WatchDamo and AnnieG’day everyone from the coast of Western Sahara!Our Sunday started with some early morning cooperation between Blue and White watch on tacking stations at 0345 to wear the ship onto a new course, after Red watch had set it up perfectly at 2000 that evening.After sunrise and our normal morning meetings we were relieved of Happy Hour and of our daily duties, apparently because of our excellent cleaning skills and performance the day prior on tacking stations. This was quickly replaced with sleeping, book reading, sunbaking, and no whale watching for Annie. Some took the time to develop their skills under the guidance of Ian, and learned the sailor’s art of splicing, while others tried to work off some of Marcos’ desserts in a PT session that Damo ran on the deck, centred on an adventure in the Santa Cruz nightlife.To top the day off Marcos, along with Kate and Zac, cooked up a storm while Amy made a guest appearance and whipped up some banana bread and dumplings for everyone, which will keep the night shifts going.As we sit at approximately the half way point in days, with a remaining five and a half thousand nautical miles to cover until we reach Rio de Janeiro, it’s a good opportunity to take stock of the adventure so far. While it isn’t that long ago that we started, it’s been duly full of new things, whether it be new friends, new challenges, or the development of new hard earned skills, and new experiences.While we’re sure at times people didn’t enjoy being outside of their comfort zone, experiencing seasickness, climbing the masts, or any number of challenges, these are the things that make the Young Endeavour. In the absence of these challenges, this adventure would merely be an excursion.As we look forward to the next half and the long trip to Rio de Janerio, it’s heartening to see everyone maintaining the same level of enthusiasm as day one, and still excited to learn things about the ship and about each other.Fair winds,Damo and AnnieShout outs:Brittney: Happy Birthday to my Gorgeous Mumma! You’re my inspiration. Love you Forever xxxAnnie: Hey Mum, Dadda, Kate, Nanna and Jeremy! Missing you guys! Currently eating my sadness away with banana dumplings and custard from yet again missing an opportunity to see whales! I will soon be banned from being on deck when there is a sighting because I am bad luck! haha xxMaddy: Hey Dad! Better luck next year with the footy  Love to all my family and friends back home. Missing you all xxxxAdzie: Happy Birthday Dad, hope you’ve got a nice relaxing weekend ahead of you. Marlee, miss you lots, very much looking forward to seeing you in South America, it’ll be here before you know it. Karen, hope you and the boys are well. All the best to the rest, Xo Adz…Damien: G’day everyone. Dad, I hope Boone isn’t getting up to too much mischief for you and that he’s keeping you company. Brad, look forward to telling you about this mate. Louise I hope you’re doing well. Work, I’m sorry that you have to pick up my slack.


24 degrees 17 minutes North / 17 degrees 47 minutes West


Currently located 270nm to the south of Tenerife sailing downwind under three squares and experiencing moderate to strong NE winds with a 1.5m SSW swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.