Captain's Log
26 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 5 of our voyage. I would like to be able tell you that the sun is out, the wind has veered to the north, the rain has stopped and the swell has dropped off but I wouldn’t be telling the truth. Regrettably we have had to battle through another day of bad weather which is not helping our crew or the training program.As with yesterday due to the poor weather we had to suspend our activities for today and just keep our watches and help those that are still suffering from seasickness. Besides those being sick you really have to feel for our Chef Marcos who goes to all the trouble of preparing three fantastic meals everyday only to find that the only people onboard who feel like eating are the Staffies. He has now taken to making wonderful soups and other easy dishes that hopefully will entice the World Voyagers to eat.The good news is that the weather is forecast to improve tomorrow so hopefully all will be good in the Young Endeavour World again and we can reactivate our program and get everyone over their seasickness and back involved in our activities.I was not going to ‘press gang’ anyone into writing tonight’s log and came up short on volunteers on this occasion so I apologise for the short log but it really is hard to write interesting news when all that we are doing is holding on while we battle through these rough seas. Hopefully tomorrow with improved conditions things will be better.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


50 degrees 20 minutes North / 1 degree 2 minutes West


Currently located 16nm to the SE of the Isle of Wight motor sailing in strong SW winds with a 2m confused swell. Current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.