Captain's Log
22 August 2008

Another Busy Day Onboard YE

Ahoy Shipmates, The wind remained light and variable until the early hours of this morning and given these conditions we had to no other option than to motorsail for a number of hours so as to make maximum ground to the south. The weather forecast overnight was for winds to strengthen from the north east and then back to the north west and this occurred just before the commencement of the morning watch (0300). At 0400 the Ship was called to tacking stations with all YC dragging themselves out of their bunks and mustering on deck to successfully complete their first night time ���wear ship'(put the stern through the wind). During the morning watch the wind continued to strengthen and with these favourable conditions the Ship was brought under full plain sail and continued to make good ground to the south. By morning brief YE was 10nm to the east of Cape Byron sailing perfectly on a broad reach and maintaining a healthy speed of 8kts. Morning brief was followed by cleaning stations (happy hour) and to finish of the morning the Navigator provided her normal entertaining and informative lesson in the scientific art of navigation. Following lunch it was straight into the first set of very competitive ���rope races’ followed by a set of rotational tacks (this activity gives the YC the opportunity to experience each others tacking station). On completion of this exercise the wind backed to the south and began to deteriorate so all squares were clewed up and the ship brought hard onto the wind under a full press of fore and aft sails. At this stage I received an updated weather forecast advising that a storm warning had been issued for northern NSW waters. Given this information I have decided to head straight for Trial Bay which is currently 55nm away, but will provide the safest anchorage for YE in these forecast conditions. At our current speed we should come to anchor in Trial Bay at approximately 0200 tomorrow morning were we will remain until the storm warning is lifted and the conditions improve.Some of today’s highlights have been the sightings of numerous whales and dolphins, climbing of the mast to put sea furls on the square sails and being at sea to witness today’s spectacular sunrise and sunset.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


30° 4' South / 153° 28' East


Currently experiencing strong 20-25kt SE winds