Captain's Log
25 February 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,Overnight the wind moderated to less than 10kts which slowed our progress dramatically up the NSW coast. At sunrise we were located 15nm to the SE of Stockton Bight still sailing under a full press of sail but only making good a relatively slow speed of 3kts. Despite the good sailing conditions a small number of the YC were still suffering from seasickness and come morning brief it was obvious that it was going to take a bit of work by Staff to keep them going and get them through the morning’s program. On completion of the mandatory mornings cleaning stations (happy hour) the Ships Navigator Jay mustered all the YC on deck and gave an informative and interactive presentation on navigation. This presentation was closely followed by lunch, with most devouring Chef Chad’s fantastic food. Following lunch and a short break all three watches were again mustered on deck and competed in their first set of ‘semi competitive’ rope races. These races are designed to encourage the YC to learn were the many sheets and lines are located on YE so they have a better understanding of how everything works. Early afternoon saw the wind back to the SE and strengthen to 15kts. With these improved conditions we increased our boat speed but had to tack twice so as to clear Morna Point and Point Stephens. By early evening we were 5nm to the south east of Port Stephens sailing under all fore and aft sails and again making good ground to the north.Throughout the night watches tonight the YC will consolidate their newly acquired navigation and sailing skills as we continue to make our way up the NSW Coast.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavPS: Happy Birthday to my Dad who celebrates his 77th birthday today.     


32°49's / 152°10'e


Currently 5nm to the east of Port Stephens and enjoying a 15kt SE breeze with a 1.5M SE swell.