Captain's Log
V05/18 Adelaide to Hobart
24 February 2018

And we’re off

Hi Everyone,Welcome to Young Endeavours fifth voyage for 2018. This voyage will see us sail from Adelaide to Hobart in southern Tasmania which is approximately 725nm. Along the way we will get to sail along some spectacular coastline and anchor in some interesting places. We have put together another great Staff Crew for this voyage who I know will take great care of our new Youth Crew ensuring that they all have an amazing experience.The Young Endeavour Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows:Captain –                       MikeSail Master –                   GuvNavigator –                     EvanWatch Officer -                 HarryRed Watch Leader –              JimmyWhite Watch Leader –            BrendanBlue Watch Leader –             KarlyChef –                          MarcusEngineer -                      BrettAssistant Watch Leader          BlakeThe voyage commenced at 1500 today when the new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour berthed at Port Adelaide’s McLaren Wharf. Once all gear had been stowed, everyone mustered on deck for my welcome address followed by Staff Crew introductions. On completion we farewelled family and friends then got straight into a safety brief, some ‘ice breaker’ activities. At 1745 we sailed and departed through the Lt Tom Diver Derrick Bridge when it opened at 1810. En route to our anchorage I gave the Captain’s Brief, which was followed by Guv who delivered the Sail Master Chat. We anchored off Semaphore Beach at 2000 and then conducted the Harness and Climbing briefs which flowed into the First Night Climbs to the Top Gallant yard. This we finished at midnight. This completed the day’s activities, it has been a good start to the voyage and I am pleased how well the Youth Crew have settled into their new environment.Tomorrow morning we will depart our anchorage and commence our passage to Hobart.Until tomorrow, take care. Yours aye,Captain Mike 


34 47.8' S / 138 28.0' E


Weather - fine, Wind - SSE at 8 kn, Temp - 20 deg C, Swell - nil