Captain's Log
24 August 2009

and then sadness set in

G’day Shipmates,Voyage 11 completed at 1000 this morning when we berthed at the Darwin Naval Base. The YC manned the yards, looked splendid and sang the national anthem with gusto and pride. The end of a voyage is always a sad occasion and today was no exception. My YC were superb; what a fine bunch of young Australians (and one Kiwi) they are. This voyage has been very special and we saw and did some awesome things. The crew that walked off this morning stood tall and should be proud of what they achieved. It has been a real pleasure to sail with each and every one of them. Robbie was the recipient of the Order of Australia Medallion as the YC who epitomised what we’re all about. Taking nothing away from Robbie, I would have liked to have handed out a bunch of such awards as this YC really were a great bunch. I would like to publically thank my staff crew who worked tirelessly over the last 18 days and they as always put their heart and soul into their job and the YC were the benefactors. Thanks guys. Final thanks to the permanent Captain, my friend Gavin Dawe for giving me this opportunity to come back for a drive. He thinks I’m doing him a favour but actually it’s the other way around. To YC 11 – keep in touch shipmates – you can get me at or you should be able to find me on facebook.yours ayeAndrew ‘Gunna’ RourkeCarpe’ Diem


12° 28' South / 130° 50' East


Alongside Darwin Naval Base