Captain's Log
2 January 2002

And Away We Go!

The first voyage of 2002 is underway. Our keen Youth Crew (YC) joined early today, eager to set sail on Young Endeavour. A large crowd of friends and family farewelled them on their journey to Devonport, Tasmania.The YC have dined, toured and are about to climb. It should be a good view from up there (if they look). Then they will split into their respective Red, White and Blue watches and go for some more climbing and knot tying to prepare them when we actually go to sea tomorrow and head south to Tassie. It will be a big night for them.My team for Voyage 01/02 is: Paul – XO, Aaron – Nav, Damo – swimmer/job seeker, Eddie – White Watch Leader, Sal (last voyage) – Red WL, Dutchy (new guy, new bosun) – Blue WL, Karen – Cheffo, Barry – Engineer. Check out the Captains Voice Log. I’ll update it every couple of days – you may hear someone you know.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


33° 51' South / 151° 14'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor in Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour. Wind east, then west at 20 knots. Temp - HOT!