Captain's Log
29 March 2006

Anchor, Station Pier, Port Phillip Bay

Hello To My Young Endevour Fans,Last time we all touched base we had just completed our entertaining morning brief and were now on our way back to Sandringham, where we had a deadline of 1300 to be anchored, which would all award us with fantastic satisfactionWhilst my command team and I took charge of our destination, we ordered our wonderful crew to complete happy hour which stands for cleaning the ship from top to bottom until the captain is satisfied that all crew has completed a clean that he would eat from!!!!!!Talking about my crew, I would like to pay compliments to our chefs on board and extend my congratulations to some delicious meals made by Jorgo, Dasha and Kylie. Well done girls!!!!!Next compliments are for all watch leaders and crew who I may not have already mentioned. Everyone put in a fantastic team effort and whenever times were tough at 0200 in the morning no one complained and everyone pulled their weight. From my point of view the command day was an exciting adventure where everyone excelled and showed what the spirit of the Young Endevour is all about. CHALLENGE!!!!Back to the voyage and who would have guessed that we as a team completed our set tasks with flying colours and arrived at the expected time due 1300. What a rewarding feeling to know that we had sailed around Port Phillip Bay with no help from the staff on board. The only challenge left was to row a little blow up boat to Sandringham and attempt to round up as many people on the beach to sing the National Anthem at the top of their lungs. The mission was completed and carried forward back to the REAL captain on board of our Young Endeavour who was satisfied with the task completed.Finally, I would like to thank The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme on behalf of the crew and I for providing us with the fantastic opportunity to sail such a large and exciting ship around Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay. We have all made some fantastic friends and I’m quietly confident that we will all keep in close touch and never forget the experience of sailing 10 days in all kinds of conditions. A Final farewell from your Youth Crew Captain of Young Endevour voyage Geelong to Melbounre and a warm hello to all friends and families who must be getting excited to see their loved ones touch base at Port Melbourne Pier at 1000 Thursday morning.Marcus MiddletonYouth Crew Captain


38° 0' South / 144° 11' East


At Anchor