Captain's Log
6 July 2002

An Uplifting Experience

Situation at 20:00-Today has been terrific. It started off with an early morning jog around the upperdeck as the sun slowly climbed over the horizon. At the morning brief Engineer Rags was still mourning his missing blue scran bag and was forced to fill an even bigger one with his daily harvest. After happy hour, we sailed from our anchorage using theplan that the Youth Crew devised yesterday. The weather cooperated and everything happened as planned.One of the highlights of the day was a visit to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR by Brother Nuncie. The mystical powers of this Eastern wind Guru were called upon by the Youth Crew in the hope that he would favour the ship with a fair breeze. Let it suffice to say that Brother Nuncie’s visit was an uplifting experience that will long be remembered.For the first time this voyage, the Fisherman sail made an appearance. Designed for light wind up to 15 kts, the Fisherman brought the total number of sails hoisted to nine.I am pleased to report that the Youth Crew have made excellent progress in their knowledge of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and in their ability to safely and effectively work aloft. Accordingly, they have now reached stage two of the voyage and are allowed to go aloft without a Staff Crew menber being present. This marks a significant milestonein their YOUND ENDEAVOUR experience.Thought of the day: Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. AnonymousYours,AyeJohn Cowan


26° 20' South / 153° 15'


Wind: SW @ 15 kts