Captain's Log
14 January 2003

An Enlightening Experience

Situation at 20:00- Overnight the Youth Crew were challenged by light winds as they sailed the Ship through several waypoints along the route toPort Kembla. They set the T’Gallant and the Topsail as well as all of the fore-and-aft sails in an attempt to gain speed and make it to their destination on time. They did a magnificant job of sailing YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and despite the lack of wind they were only 30 minutes late.The anchorage position proved to be unsuitable due to its exposed location, depth and poor holding ground so the decision was taken to proceed alongside and conduct the program as if we were at anchor. With the Ship secured alongside, it was time for happy hour followed by some free time to relax after the demanding past 24 hours. After lunch the command day debrief commenced. This is where the Staff Crew act as facilitors and help the Youth Crew analysetheir command day experience. The aim is to identify if anything that they have learned through the experience can be applied to their lives ashore. The debrief is an open and frank discussion that encourages meaningful input from all hands. As usual, today’s debrief was a very valuable and enlightening experience.After the debrief, Engineer Stewy led another round of rope races. Chef Stony made a magnificant supper (somewhat different fromthe command day fare) while the watches prepared their skit for the Ship’s concert. The concert has just concluded and it was an event to remember. Well done Miti and Alana.The Youth Crew will have a quiet night with only one hour watches checking that rounds are correct and the Ship remains safe ather berth. They will also help restore the lustre to the Ship’s two ceremonial cannons. All hands are looking forward to tomorrow’s half-day sail where the Youth Crew will act as hosts for approximetelyforty guests. It will be a busy day but very rewarding.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with two brass saluting cannons. These were forged in the Royal Ordinance Factory Nottingham, England, and presented to the Ship prior to leaving on her delivery voyage in 1987. They are used for passing honours on ceremonial occassions and frightening off Pirates and other sea-goingrascals.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Fisherman- A quadrilateral staysail set from one of the upper stays leading between the two masts,primarily for on the wing sailing. Handing- (As in ‘handing a sail’)The whole process of returning a sail to its stowed position on ayard, mast or stay from a position of being set, the opposite to setting a sail.Thought of the Day: Let us not say, every man is the architect of his own fortune, but let us say that every man is the architect of his own character. George D. Boardman.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANMy time on YOUNG ENDEAVOUR has been the biggest challenge of my life.From my new found friends to climbing to the top of the mast and notbeing seasick. My time onboard has helped me to become stronger, Ihave opened up and allowed myself to become part of the team. Thefood is awesome. Miss all my friends and family at home, and I willmiss my life onboard when I leave this Thursday. Don’t wait for yourShip to dock, swim out to it. Kat McGuiggan, Woollongong.


0° 0' South / 0° 0' East


Alongside the Grain Wharf in Port Kembla.Wind Nor'East at 10 kts, Sky 6/8 overcast, Temp 22c.