Captain's Log
V06/18 Hobart to Melbourne
17 March 2018

Altona to Sandringham by sea

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,Sierra here again to report on the second half of command day.Last night we arrived at Altona with the help of engines, as the wind speed was 2 knots and could not push us at all! We anchored there at about 1050, with the help of the team on watch furling the sails we had previously set, and from then went into anchor watches, which is always a laugh.This morning, however, started out with a little more excitement than two knots of wind speed, with our wakey wakey being 80s music that led straight into a disco in the 12 berth, which happened to be a task we needed to complete. Some of the staffies, I have to say, objected strongly to this, but eventually they all woke up and Marcus kindly judged the task. After our wake up, our two chefs, Archer and James A, served us a lovely breakfast to prepare us for the entertaining morning brief we had planned. We then went on to do colours at 0800, followed shortly by the morning brief which went rather well in my opinion. The brief featured “special guests” Uncle Kev, played by Jenipher, and Pepper, played by Tom; which had the Youthies and staffies alike cracking up.We set sail this morning in 13 knot winds at 0940, straight from anchor. Our task was to get from Altona to Sandringham any time prior to 1300, and with all our sails set, we arrived shortly after 1200. Of course, the Youthies utilised all the extra time we had before hand-over to finish the tasks that the staffies had set, and boy did we get a lot done. We had people on deck making a beautiful mural out of chalk; a hammock that could support the fifteen of us; there were people down in the GPIB rowing around the ship as a pretend BAT; and finally, we ended the tasks with a photo of all of us aloft.All in all, the morning went very smoothly and we all enjoyed our command day thoroughly, which I think Captain Mike could tell when I handed this beautiful ship back over.I’ll leave you with a piece of advice this afternoon, again from the same familiar face. He spends a lot of time down in the café with us, and his quotes are just so captivating.“Steel will beat fingers every time. Every time. That’s a fact.”-Brett the EngineerI’m sure Captain Mike will have a captivating account of what happened this evening, so stay tuned for his log later on. Cheers, and signing off,Sierra McMahon Thompson———————————————————————————————————–Ahoy there,Once the outstanding tasks were completed the YC handed the Ship to me and then we put them ashore for some organised sport on a nearby oval. They also had a chance for a quick swim before returning onboard.Once everyone had dinner we conducted the Command Day debrief.We weighed anchor at 1900 and proceeded to an anchorage at Mentone, which would be more protected from the forecast fresh northerlies that were forecast overnight.The time is now 2200 and we have just settled into anchor watches for the night ensuring that all of us are well rested for tomorrow’s Community Day Sail.Until tomorrow evening, Yours ayeCaptain Mike