Captain's Log
24 January 2006

Alongside, Prince Wharf Auckland Harbour

My name is Jack Kindellan.Navigator – Command Day.Another day in NZ, another day at anchor. Yesterday was an amazingday. We finished command day at 1210 we we made it to our lastwaypoint at Motutapu Island. It was a long 24hrs over command day asa navigator. I started a 1300 Sunday and went straight through to0530 and back up at 0700 to continue navigating until we reachedMotutapu Island at 1210. Watch Officier Justin shared roles andresponsibilities as he helped me with the nav and I helped him as WatchLeader.As our wonderful Captain Fly mentioned yesterday, we received theQueen’s Baton on behalf of the Australian public. It was one of themost exciting times of my life. Three of our youth crew were sent outto meet the ‘Spirit of New Zealand’ and bring the baton to STS YoungEndeavour. I had just finished dinner when Racheal sent Anna, Stasiaand David up the foremast to sea-furl the topgallant square sail.From there we got a great view of Auckland Harbour, the ‘Spirit ofNew Zealand’ and the baton handover. Both Anna and I weredisappointed that we would miss the excitement on the deck below uswhen the baton was brought on board but we were to busy hanging onfor our lives as we tied up the gaskets. Everyone was talking photosof each other holding the baton. We had missed out on an amazingopportunity to be part of something that people all over theCommonwealth had been a part of. Then came a stroke of luck. Our XO,Dion yelled up to us to come down and be part of the proceedings, butfirst we had to untie all the gaskets that we had just tied up. Wemade it back down in time to take and get in some photos.That night Red and White watches had ‘Cinderella’ leave. Lots of funhad by all out on streets of Auckland. The weather had turned foulover night as the cyclone bears closer to Auckland. It kept gettingwindier and windier – there were reports of 50+ knot winds around theharbour. This forced the ‘staffies’ to cancel a planned day at sea.Plan B came into action. We went and greeted the ‘enemy’ – ‘Spiritof New Zealand’ and received a tour of their ship. They’ve got somuch more space in their ship than we do, but there’s a a muchstronger ranking system there compared to here. We are racing them onboth Friday in the Tall Ships Race and on Monday during the AucklandRegatta.As the day drew to an end and the rain was like a fire hose at fullpressure, we had our end-of-voyage talks with our watch leaders.Nearly every goal that was set by the youth crew was acheived.Speedy’s amazing talents as the ship’s Iron Chef were displayed atdinner time with Beef Stroganoff, Soy Pork ribs, Creamed potatoesand for dessert Golden Dumplings and Apple Danishes. Dion briefed usthat the course were planning on traveling on today and our newanchor point would have put us through some crazy 60 knot winds.Although it was another quiet day at anchor, it has not dampened thespirits of those on board but raised them in expectation of just onemore day at sea. Us members of brave and couragous Red watch are onwatch now and I must sign off to complete the watch with others.Jack KindellanP.S Hello to all those back home in Australia from everyone aboardthe STS Young Endeavour.Regards,Jack


37° 1' South / 174° 8' East


Gale force winds